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Why I can’t stop thinking about Caribana 2011!!

First off let me say that Caribana 2011 was one of the best times, if not THE BEST time I’ve ever had in my life. Anyone can go to Caribana and have fun, but anyone is not me. What I mean is, if you knew me like that then Caribana is the LAST place you’d think i’d be. With the crowds and the people, and the staring, and more people all up inna your personal space. That’s the last place i’d ever think i’d be. But every now and then I decide to try ah ting, and step out of my comfort zone. So why Caribana of all things? Well as much as I love the glitz & glam of the costumes, never did I think i’d be in one travelling on the ttc basically in my draws to the parade. Sooo one of my bright ideas wasok you know what, I’m going to do something memorable this summer. Turns out I actually did a lot of memorable things that summer (usually I’m a house rat), but back to Caribana… so I have a friend that’s been in it for a couple of years and told her I was interested. When it got closer to the band launches an ting, she gave me all the info, told me what bands her and her cousin were interested in and so forth. So now I was in , I’m bout it and I convinced myself that being a part of Caribana was a good thing. It’s more than the half-nakedness it’s about West Indian culture and the celebration of it (well that was the message back in the day anyway), and I wanted to be a part of that. Now skipping to who we chose, we played with Saldenah whos theme was Secrets of the Outer Limits and our section was the milky way. Let me tell you…trekking from Woodbridge to Scarborough for fittings and payments an all dem ting deh was not fun. I remember one time I went and my section leader (Anton!) wasn’t even there, and gas was too expensive then to be driving from Woodbridge to Scarborough for no damn reason (to make things worse I got stuck in traffic on my way back, and didn’t get home til an hour and a half later). But with all that being said, when it came to the actual day of the parade, it was amazing!!! For me to say I had fun in a crowd, that’s amazing within itself. I don’t know if it was the soca (which I HATEDDDD before that day), just the whole vibe was good, it was great. Music from the truck playing, everybody jus wukking an wining an ting WITHOUT A CARE in the¬†world!! Ah tellin yuh, if I never get to play mas again the memory of the fun I had that day will NEVER fade. Not in a million years!!!


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  1. trueempress said: Judging from Saldenah’s theme their mas is going to be too sweet this year !
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